27 July 2022

Uniko Introducing - Tropical Leaf #2

Welcome back! 

Today we have a stencil on the Uniko July 2022 mini release and it’s my new favourite Uniko product! I love it!! 

This is called Uniko Tropical Leaf #2 stencil (which teams perfectly with Tropical Leaf #1 stencil but you’ll have to come back on release day to see that beauty in action!). 

Now how many of you are already thinking this is a must buy?! Not yet convinced? Check out the rest of the amazing designs by the Brand Ambassadors over on the Uniko blog and you will be! 

Much love

Steph x


  1. A very elegant and gorgeous card Steph. I don't know how, with the awful problems I have with Blogger, but Blogger let me in to your blog!

  2. Pretty birthday card! I love the stencil design!