16 May 2021

Happy 7th Birthday AAA Cards!

Good afternoon all,

A quick post today to wish AAA cards a Happy 7th Birthday! 

As it happens I’ve been making some number birthday cards thinking ahead for when my children might be able to celebrate with their friends again! At the same time I’ve used up some of the many thin strips of card stock I seem to end up with regularly! 

That’s all for now as it’s been a busy week and I’m just too tired to think of anything witty to add! But do check back midweek as I have a rather exciting craft announcement to make! 😁

AAA Cards game #190.

Much love

Steph x


  1. How cool that you've used a & on your cards. they're very manly. Thank you for playing at AAA Cards

  2. Very pretty card! Thank you for playing at AAA Cards!

  3. Brilliant pair of eye catching cards. Thanks for playing at AAA Cards, hope to see you join in with future challenges too. Stay safe and keep crafting!

  4. Love how you used the strips of paper and the 7 year old is going to be thrilled with the colours and the big wonderful 7.
    Faith x